I canChallenge MyselfTo Chart New Horizons
I canChallenge My TeamTo Set New Courses
I canGrow With YouTo Celebrate Success

With the right Compass Settings

Navigating through the choppy waters of custom software development demands intelligence, awareness, vision and precision. Ours is a wise team finely honed to identify and develop strategically important bespoke software solutions.

We replace home-grown legacy systems; we unlock information to provide realtime data reporting; we process and mobilise information; and we present this via world class apps and interfaces.

We can make it Plain Sailing

Motivation is our wind, knowledge is our sail, and the client’s destination is our journey.

Even with the briefest of destinations, we will work out the best route with you. We can begin your journey with project scoping, requirements analysis, solution design and specification authoring.

With all and only experienced hands on deck, we throw overboard the jargon along with any of yesterday’s technologies.

This is why we continue to crew many of our client’s software journeys, ahead of the flotilla, years after we first stepped on board.

With a Passionate Crew

We recognise the best programmers are not marginally better than merely good ones. They are an order-of-magnitude better, measured by whatever standard: conceptual creativity, speed, ingenuity of design, or problem-solving ability. You cannot have a great software without a great team. In an industry where many such teams, hastily put together, behave like dysfunctional families, this is core to our critical difference.

Iasi Development Offices
In our expansive villa we have created an inspiring and spirited work space for our cherry picked and highly motivated team. Our developers are all top of their class, trained and experienced in working collaboratively with colleagues and clients.

UK Consultancy and Operations
Our Software Director and one of our Senior Developers are now based in our UK office alongside our management team to provide software consultancy and ensure the best interactive client support.

Plot your Route

Software Consultancy and Audits

We will plant senior developers inside companies to truly understand requirements prior to defining structured solutions to meet all technical and operational requirements.
Business Management Systems

Business Management Systems

We develop bespoke customer portals, CRMs, multiple site and faceted business accounting, staff, stock, sales and services management platforms, streamlining multiple sourced data flows into intuitive interfaces and managed data libraries.
Software Architecture

Software Architecture

We work closely with clients to overview, specify and blueprint solutions. These will cover functionality, usability, resilience, performance, comprehensibility, economic and technology constraints, tradeoffs and aesthetic concerns.
Big Data Management

Big Data Management

Our data management platforms can deliver business value from the growing volumes, velocity and variety of data by turning it into a client data asset to improve business decicion making and performance.
Mobile Development

Mobile Development

We have first class experience in advanced tablet and app B2B and B2C solution development, employing the very latest technologies.
Express Projects

Express Projects

We look for least cost routes and help many smaller businesses and organisations achieve their goals by tailoring existing software technologies to needs wherever possible.
Contextual Testing

Contextual Testing

We recognise that software users are human beings with diverse preferences, needs, abilities and limitations. We will identify the intended market and can evaluate the environments in which people are likely to interface with our software.
Joint Ventures

Joint Ventures

Our considerable experience in growing and developing businesses from seed status through strategic innovative online solutions enables us to offer flexible arrangements in considered cases.

Join our Winners

Lorrin White

Bamboo Limited
TSF have always understood who we are and where we want to be. We like to sum up our service mission in four words: look, listen, learn and lead. In TSF we see the same approach and their expertise has supported our development of industry leading billing and reporting platforms.

Neil Westwater

FBH Associates Ltd
TSF have proved themselves experts at developing the most complex business management systems from spec. I find them agile and dedicated to the constant demands and pressures of operating software accessed by hundreds of businesses and thousands of sites daily.

Mark Blanchfield

Returnjet Limited
The Software Farm has been integral to Returnjet’s development, from initial concept to global business. They never cease to amaze with their ingenuity, proactivity and dedication to our success.


Happerley Limited
They are truly brilliant at steering a software project through the evolving specifications and turning user feedback into considered and solid solutions.

Racing Victories

We build custom software to meet the specific needs in your business that enterprise systems and off the shelf software can’t.

Contact Us to set sail

We consider all challenging software development projects demanding the latest cloud and mobile technologies.
We are very happy to provide initial advice and consultation. We work with clients both in the UK and USA.
In the first instance please contact us in the UK on +44(0)1242 222878 or use the form below.