What If You Could Overview ALL Your Realtime KPIs in 1 minute? (err... you now can)

Thu, Apr 14, 2016 2:34 PM


Imagine one, always up-to-date, version of the truth in your organisation. Central reporting drawing from the multiple of systems you license without any constraint or delay. Facts and figures exactly how you want them and when you want them. A solution you control as a unique asset and value to your business. Every member of the board down to the shop floor has no more and no less than the information they need, how they need it and when they need it.

The Data Challenge

Companies now struggle to turn their data into useful management information in a timely and efficient manner. Data is buried in systems, spread across different systems, locations and databases. Reports are created manually in Excel, by high value employees who become bottlenecks.

Poor data or ‘lack of understanding the data’ are cited as the primary reason for overrunning project costs and can cost businesses 20% plus of their operating revenue.

The volume of data collected by businesses worldwide doubles every year. It is estimated that approximately 4 Zetabytes of data exist in the digital universe today. 

Move To Cloud

More and more corporates are switching from traditional providers like SAP, IBM and Oracle to cloud based business intelligence solutions for flexibility and mobility. 

There are a growing number of web based tools like Qlik and Tableau framing solutions for business intelligence. However, such BI tools still provide a frame - a constraint - on data reporting. Times are changing. 

The model of licensing and customising software is being overturned. Now, it can even be quicker and more cost effective in the short term to build BI capabilities than integrate a commercial BI tool with a host application.

We can implement enterprise-class business iIntelligence, self-service reporting and big data analytics in months, rather than years, bespoke to the needs of your business and drawing in data from every quarter. Corporates can save time, report faster and more accurately. You can self-serve to build and access reports, drill-down into business data held centrally, with one single version of the truth, without needing any technical expertise.

Critical Advantages of a Proprietorial Business Intelligence Platform

We develop proprietorial whole business intelligence analysis systems. These can be embedded across finance and accounting; corporate portals; ERP and customer relationship management (CRM) applications to create one fluid realtime data stream. 

The client controls and owns both the data, the cloud, the new aggregation scheme, the connection to separate systems and the reporting layer on top of it. 

Infinite Flexibility
New reports can be created in minutes with easy-to-use self-service reporting. Any business rules, measures and KPIs can be created.

Tailored reports to individuals, teams and third parties can be automatically emailed according to criteria you set. Reports can be exported directly to Excel, Word, Powerpoint and PDF.

Infinite Scope
Data can be retrieved from any and every corporate database

Infinite Capacity
You are in control and have infinite data volume capacity

High Speed
With no third party reliance, your data is pre-optimised and report retrieval is ultra fast and in realtime.

User Experience
User groups within the organisation get just what they want and nothing more or less. With tightly integrated BI functionality, we can deliver an exquisite experience for users. Beautiful charts, graphs and data visualisations, stunning dashboards and sophisticated, print-ready reports. Users can flow seamlessly from one set of functionality to another without having to launch a separate application with its own look and feel.

No escalating licence and royalty costs
Longer term, creating a proprietorial solution avoids escalating licensing and royalty costs as data volumes inevitably grow. The costs of off the shelf framed solutions on the market generally relate to data volumes. Your own system also eliminates the complexity of handling support calls to a third party.

Dedicated iOS and Android apps can be developed to keep your user groups fully connected with what they need to know.

Competitive Edge
Developing your own analytics simply provides you the opportunity to generate better intelligence than your competitors across every KPI to create better strategy and make better day to day decisions.

Future Proof
You have a system that will grow and develop with your business.

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