The Marketing Farm Limited and The Software Farm Limited Privacy Policy

This is the Privacy Notice for The Marketing Farm Limited and The Software Farm Limited.

The notice applies all external data subjects; a separate Privacy Notice has been created for employees.


Offering a platform to allow food and drink suppliers to publish their supply chain directly to the consumer. The Privacy Notice for personal data held by Happerley can be found

The Software Farm - Data Processor – Sub Data Processor Data

When The Software Farm is a Data Processor or Sub-Processor, the Data Controller will provide instructions regarding the data held and when it is to be deleted.

Data held as a Data Processor or Sub-Processor is stored in a secure Back office Database hosted in the EU. Any Data Requests will be referred to the Data Controller.

The Software Farm - Clients

We store personal data about our clients and potential clients.

The data includes name, email address and telephone numbers.

It is used to manage agreed services to clients and to provide information about our products.

It is retained for the duration of the contract plus a further seven years.

The data is not shared with third parties.

The lawful purpose to process the data is contract and legitimate interest.

The data is held in a secure Customer Relationship Management Software (CRM) provided by Zoho.

If you have any questions about the data hold or you wish to withdraw consent, please email