Dragos Perca

Software Director


Dragos has been a cornerstone of our business since 2004, and has directed the growth and recruitment of our highly skilled development team. Dragos is dedicated to developing cutting edge software architectures and applying latest technologies to create a real impact for our clients. His legendary wisdom and considered but forthright counsel continues to prove invaluable for all our clients.

Below the water

  • I am 34 (am I that old?!?) and I have enjoyed programming for as long as I remember
  • Lately I’ve started to enjoy developing mobile apps more and more
  • I have 2 Children and I should spend more time with them, they grow too quickly!
  • I love watching (and whenever I can, playing) tennis and in this life or another, I’ll go to see Federer playing
  • I haven’t written any books yet, though it’s on my to do list!

Part of One Team