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Digital Transformation at Bamboo Technology

Our partnership with Bamboo Technology resulted in the creation of cutting-edge solutions that significantly enhanced their operational efficiency and customer service. The systems we built not only streamlined their internal processes but also provided their clients with user-friendly, comprehensive, and real-time data access and management capabilities. Through continuous upgrades and maintenance, these solutions have remained at the forefront of technological advancement, ensuring Bamboo Technology’s position as a leader in the digital infrastructure domain.





Backend development, Billing, Infrastructure

Client Overview

Bamboo Technology, a leader in ICT infrastructure and support, is dedicated to empowering their customers in building a robust digital future. With a rich experience and a vendor-neutral approach, they specialize in connectivity, IT managed services, software development, and professional services, thereby crafting digitally assured solutions tailored for the hybrid workforce.

Challenges and Solutions

  1. Web Reporting Billing System
  • Challenge: Bamboo Technology required a comprehensive billing system capable of handling extensive telecom activity reports, user management, and intricate data analysis.
  • Solution:
    We developed a robust system with both front-end and back-end capabilities.
    Using PHP and MySQL, the system efficiently manages hundreds of thousands of billing records annually.
    Notable features include cost center organization, detailed reporting (including trends and top users), and an invoice manager. The use of MySQL partitions significantly enhances query speed. Continually upgraded since it was created, it remains a cornerstone of Bamboo’s operations.
  1. CDR Processing/Ingesting System (SPIDER)
  • Challenge: Real-time processing of Call Detail Records (CDRs) from network providers like O2/Vodafone was crucial for live traffic monitoring and management.
  • Solution: Our Laravel and PHP-based SPIDER system seamlessly ingests CDRs, aggregates usage data, and sends alerts. It enables setting usage thresholds, automatic barring based on usage or cost limits, and monitoring roaming traffic. Additionally, it provides Bamboo partners with access to their CDRs via SFTP drives.
    This automated system operates 24/7/365, ensuring continuous monitoring and control.
  1. Network Connectivity Integration (SelfServe)
  • Challenge: Integrating various telecom services into a unified system that could communicate
    with multiple providers like O2 and Vodafone was a complex task.
  • Solution: SelfServe, developed using Laravel and PHP, is a versatile platform that allows direct connection to network providers. It offers a wide range of commands and integrations, including tariff management and roaming plans. Unique in its capability to handle both synchronous (O2 ABS) and asynchronous (Vodafone API) interfaces, SelfServe also features its API for partner usage.
    Launched in 2017 and continuously improved, it bridges SelfServe and SPIDER, facilitating the management of group allowances and thresholds.

Technology Used

  • PHP and MySQL for backend development ensuring robust and scalable solutions.
  • Laravel framework for streamlined and efficient application development.
  • HTML, CSS (Bootstrap, Tailwind), and JavaScript (VueJS) for front-end development.
  • MySQL partitions for enhanced data handling and query speed.
  • Synchronous and asynchronous API integrations for seamless network connectivity.
  • Automated systems for continuous operation and real-time monitoring.


The success of this project highlights our commitment to delivering high-quality, innovative solutions that meet the unique needs of our clients. Bamboo Technology’s digital transformation journey is a testament to the power of collaboration, technical expertise, and a forward-thinking approach in the ever-evolving world of information and communication technology.

What we did

  • Strategic Alignment
  • Client Immersion
  • Free Appraisal
  • Innovation Discovery
  • Business Insights
  • Tailored Solutions

TheSoftwareFarm have always understood who we are and where we want to be. We like to sum up our service mission in four words: look, listen, learn, and lead.

In TheSoftwareFarm we see the same approach and their expertise has supported our development of industry leading billing and reporting platforms.

Lorrin White, CEO Bamboo Technology Group Limited

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