Case Study

Revolutionizing Hospitality with MenuConnect

MenuConnect has revolutionized the way restaurants and pubs operate in a post-pandemic world. It not only streamlined the ordering process for customers but also provided businesses with an efficient, customizable, and scalable solution to manage their operations. The successful implementation of this project underlines our commitment to innovative solutions and customer-centric approaches in the challenging hospitality sector.






Mobile friendly web-app development

Client Profile: Hospitality Software Specialists

Polaris-Elements, a family-founded company with years of industry experience, has made a significant impact in the hospitality sector. They specialize in providing comprehensive software solutions to businesses, aiding their growth and success. Their focus on innovation keeps them ahead in addressing market trends, regulatory changes, and consumer demands.

Project Overview: MenuConnect

As the COVID-19 pandemic forced closures across the UK in March 2020, our client envisioned a platform that would adapt to the ensuing need for minimal-contact services in the hospitality industry. MenuConnect, the bespoke Order & Pay at Table platform, was born out of this necessity.

Project Challenges and Objectives

  • Developing a User-Friendly Platform:The goal was to create a system accessible via mobile browsers, eliminating the need for app installations. This approach was to ensure ease of use, given the reluctance of customers to download new apps.
  • Integrating with Existing POS Systems: Another critical requirement was integrating the platform with the client’s existing Point of Sale (POS) systems. This integration was crucial for seamless order processing and management.
  • Creating a Multi-Tenant System: The platform needed to support multiple tenants, allowing businesses to manage their menus, customers, and orders efficiently and customize the platform to reflect their brand identity.

Technological Innovations and Solutions

  • Frontend Development:We developed a Single Page Application (SPA) using VueJS, focusing on a user-friendly interface that mimics a mobile app’s look and feel. This approach enabled quick, intuitive interactions without page reloads.
  • Backend Infrastructure: The backend, powered by Laravel Framework, utilized various open-source packages for functionalities like social authentication, media file handling, cloud storage, data import/export, and QR code integration.
  • Unique Challenges and Solutions: We faced several challenges, such as the tight project timeline and the complexity of menu item configurations. Iterative development and client involvement were key in addressing these challenges, leading to a system that effectively manages menu scheduling, order processing, and POS integration.
  • User Experience Enhancement: From scanning QR codes for instant menu access to streamlined ordering and secure payment processes, the platform enhances the customer experience significantly. For business owners, the platform offers robust menu management, order tracking, and stock management capabilities.

What we did

  • Mobile-friendly web development
  • Cardstream
  • Adyen
  • Multi-Tenant
  • Laravel
  • POS integration
  • Reporting
  • Stock management
  • QR codes
MenuConnect transformed our hospitality services, offering seamless integration and user-friendly features that significantly enhanced our customer experience.

Neil Westwater, CEO of Polaris-Elements

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