Streamlining Database Management with CopyDB

Streamlining Database Management with CopyDB

Effortless Database Duplication

CopyDB offers a straightforward solution to copy databases from remote servers. By providing a configuration file as a parameter, users can specify connection details and even exclude specific tables from being copied. This feature ensures that only the relevant data is transferred, saving time and resources.

Diverse Restoration Options

The script excels in its versatility, offering multiple options for handling the database dump once fetched. Users can choose to restore it on the local server, within a docker instance, create a gzip-ed backup in a custom path, or restore it on a remote server accessible via SSH keys. This flexibility allows for a range of scenarios, accommodating different project requirements and environments.

Essential Dependencies

To ensure smooth operation, CopyDB requires certain dependencies, including a database dumper script, pv for displaying a progress bar during the import process, and Docker if opting for a docker-based restoration. These dependencies underscore the script’s focus on providing a user-friendly and efficient database management experience.

Ease of Usage

Using CopyDB is as simple as cloning the repository and making the script executable. The script comes with separate executable commands for MySql and PostgreSQL, catering to the specific needs of these two popular database systems. This ease of use is a significant advantage for developers looking to streamline their database management processes.

Handling Multi-tenant Systems

A notable feature of CopyDB is its capability to manage multiple databases, which is particularly useful in multi-tenant system environments. Users can orchestrate the download of several databases by creating a bash script and running a sequence of commands, each targeting a different database configuration file. This feature is invaluable for businesses running complex, multi-tenant systems, ensuring efficient and organized database management.


CopyDB stands out as a practical and versatile tool for database management, particularly for MySql and PostgreSQL databases. With its user-friendly approach, multiple restoration options, and support for multi-tenant systems, CopyDB is an essential tool for developers and IT professionals seeking to optimize their database handling procedures. Whether it’s for a quick duplication task or managing databases in a complex multi-tenant environment, CopyDB offers a reliable, efficient solution.